Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thought I should update this old blog.....

I had a chat to a lovely mum at school today and she mentioned that she found this blog, which is nice. My last update was over two years ago and a lot has happened since then, so I thought I should come in and give a very quick update.

I used to blog often when I was home with the girls, but these days there is no time. Perhaps one day I will have time again.

Maisie started school this year and the twins are now in year three. Poppy is in childcare and will start school in 2013. I started a new job last year which is perfect for me. It is a position in an area which is of much interest to me and I feel lucky because it is hard to get such a position with part time hours. My boss, a mother of five, understands the demands of family and work, so is very understanding.

I am now studying law and hope to finish in the coming years. I was enjoying history and politics, but decided to challenge myself further and have a go at legal studies. Thankfully all of my previous units court towards my LLB as open electives. Things are quite hectic at the moment but I love it and would not change a thing.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Happy New Year...

As I sit here and reflect on the last few weeks, I realise how special and nice my time away was.....

A happy belated new year to anyone reading. We had a pretty quiet NYE in Tamworth, which was really nice. We went for a drive at about 1030pm to see if there was any action on the main street, we were disappointed to find the place dead :( Actually I lie..I was somewhat relived as I feared we would be mugged cruising in my husbands brother Tim's 4WD BMW hehe...Tamworth is a nice town and I enjoyed my time there, we had some really nice dinners out on MIL balcony overlooking the town. I probably had one too many wines some nights, but and managed to write a reasonable essay during the stay. MIL was really great and SFIL is just gorgeous.

We left the twins there and headed to the coast north of Sydney to leave the two little girls with my parents. We jumped on a train and headed to Sydney for our 5 day stay with no kids! The train trip was wonderful and relaxing, I think as soon as we arrived we both had a long sleep...We didn't stay in Double Bay as we had planned as a place came up in the city for $79 per night, with pool, spa, gym etc. The location was superb and the views from our place on the 47th floor were spectacular. We spent the 2nd day at the cricket, my husband has membership so we had very good seats. I was one of the very few women there that day and enjoyed it very much. I had some very interesting young lawyers sitting next to me and I had some funny conversations with them as one of them had a wife just about due to give birth. The general vibe that day was really amazing! We went out for Thai that night and crashed....The following day I spent locked in my room finishing the essay that was due the following morning! To reward myself we went down to Newtown and met some friends at The Bank Hotel and had Thai again, the restaurant was amazing and the food was to die for. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area or who may be visiting.

The next day I met up with a couple of different friends in Newtown and made a visit down to the Rocks to pop into my favourite bookshop and the bakery on the main street. I really enjoyed this day because it gave me that mental break I have been craving for such a long time. The following day I went to the cricket again because a good friend and her partner met us there. It was a nice day, the afternoon session was spent in a bar at the back of the members stand with my girlfriend while the boys watched the cricket LOL.

The time away was great. I did most of the things I wanted to do, I got to shop, drink, swim, meet friends and relax....what more could you want!

I will sign off with a pic I took of Poppy earlier. She is going through a gorgeous phase of bringing things from around the house for me to put on her. Her favourite thing to do right now is wear the girls play aprons and random bibs. The one she brought in here tonight makes me wonder if she can actually read LOL...she has been keeping us up in the early hours of the morning as she is getting all her teeth at once and she has a little cold. My mum actually co-slept with her a few times while she stayed with them rofl....Anyway look closely at the bib, it's hilarious :)


Sunday, 21 December 2008


I had a discussion with my friend today about the use of 'OMG' when chatting online or using forums. I must admit I do use it a lot, it's a good way to express my feelings, when I cannot be physically seen. I do not actually say 'Oh my God' out loud when talking in real life...well maybe I do sometimes hehe...but not to the extent that I do in the online. So after having this discussion and a few chuckles I went out for a shopping trip. I actually had a few OMG moments and believe me, I was saying 'Oh my God' in my head many times. I decided to head out and get one last present for Sophie. I went out to get it yesterday, but typical me got sidetracked talking to people at the markets, so I ran out of time!

The place I went to is about a half hour drive from our place, it's almost across the other side of Canberra. I was driving along this ridiculous road that our local government started to build a few years ago and, it's still being built due to stuff up after stuff up...**sigh** that is another post. Anyway, I took a stupid wrong turn, I was kind of vagued out listening to the radio and enjoying the drive. I ended out at the cemetery, so turned around and got back onto the ridiculous road......I then missed another turn off, so had to keep travelling along the one lane......I kept driving and missed another!!!!! Yes, I admit it was driver stupidity, but the stupid road did not help. I finally got the chance to turn around and head back in the direction that was intended, I probably added an extra 20 minutes onto my trip...thank god for some good tunes on the radio, which I played loud. I am embarrassed to say, the Spice Girls came on and that got pumped up really loud LOL. So during that time there were several 'OMGs' going on in my head.

I finally made it to my destination, and was able to get the present for Sophie. I decided to pop my head into another shop on the way back to the car. As soon as I walked through the door and 'OMG' a beautiful bag caught my eye. As you know from a previous post I have been on the look out for a nice bag, and I am pretty fussy! I quickly sent N a text to see what he thought....I seriously could not walk away without buying this bag. It's just delicious, practical and so me :)

I then went into the city...I didn't have any 'OMG' moments on the way. But I stopped and bought myself a coffee and went outside to sit on my own and soak up the peace and quiet. As it happened a little boy around Maisie's age sitting close by with his mum decided he liked me more and wanted to sit there with me. I swear, I can't get away from kids, no matter how hard I try.

As I sign off, I just had another 'OMG' moment by forgetting about the chocolate I had melting in the kitchen LOL.


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Some more pics of my little darlings!

There were so many nice pics taken that day when N's brother was here, I thought I would post some more. I have actually had phone calls about Maisie's hair (oppps)...N insisted we use the GHD on it LOL. It's not permanent, she still has curly hair! We are catching up with Ns family again on the weekend, so I might see if T will take some more hehe.....

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas is creeping up, ever so fast.

The last week has been busy, as usual. The last time I updated was after the exam and so much has happened since. I started my unit 'The Making of Australia' and I am now into week three. I am really enjoying, the lectures and readings, I am absorbing the information like a sponge. The tutorial group is great, there is so much discussion and debate going on and out tutor contribution is excellent. I have an essay due in a couple of weeks, and feel this is such a bad time of the year to be doing this, but I will get through, the content is so interesting! I must admit (I am human) I feel so overwhelmed at times, I wonder if I am out of my depth, then I snap my self out of it. In saying that, have I mentioned that I am considering Law??? LOL.....I am going to continue with BA history/politics for now and make my mind up next year. N is encouraging me to drop everything and become a full time student, we are in a position where it is something we could do, as we do not have any financial pressures. It would mean putting off other financial plans for a few years, but in the long run, I think a good move.
Now to the title of my post....(updates on the other people.....I have kind of taken over this blog...all about moi)

Today we went to Sydney to see Poppy's specialist. Her hip has not changed much since our last visit, so she will stay in the brace for another six months. He said she will not be in the brace any longer, as they tend to let nature take it's course beyond eighteen months. He said depending on how the hips are at the next appointment will determine how often he will see her until she is four. I am not a medical person, and do not consult Dr google, so I will take his word for it. I don't want to think beyond the next six months. She is not in any pain, and does not know any different, she has had three months out of it in her short life. I am not disappointed by this result, I am happy that she has not needed surgery and is being treated now, not in say, two years time.

Another thing he picked up (now she is walking) is the crocked bones between her ankle and knee. I have no idea of the medical term for the bone LOL (he did say), but basically when she was in utero she must have been in the same position for most of the time (which makes sense given the hip problems). If you could imagine the foetal position with the legs crossed over together at the front of her chest. So the bones have grown in a rounded shape (not straight). So when she walks her feet go in and her legs are very wide (which the brace contributes to). As she grows and stops wearing a nappy, her feet will turn in more. She should grow out of it as the bones grow., he is going to keep an eye on it though. Another case of, things could be worse....I actually saw a baby there today, who 'looked' terminally ill :(...he was very weak, very, very ill....I realise how lucky I am to have four beautiful healthy girls to put to bed each night.

School wraps up this week, so the girls are very excited. We are heading up north for Christmas, so I have limited the amount of presents, not that they ever get much anyway. I had put a wooden kitchen on lay buy during the year, which is far too bulky to take up, so I have told them that N and I have bought them a special Christmas present (from us) to pick up on Friday, their last day :)....it has given them something to look forward to, and come in handy for me as a bribe tool hahaha.

We have been busy attending school concerts and Christmas parties, which has been fun. The twins teacher is seriously the female version of Mr G from Summer Heights High....trying to get a bunch of five year old to perform the Christmas play was hilarious. I could have filmed her and made a comedy.....she needed to lighten up and not take it so seriously LOL. Anyway, the play was excellent and entertaining.

N is off to Sydney tomorrow to attend his work group Christmas party....I am jealous!!! Oh, well, I'll be back at work next year, and be able to attend my own....speaking of which, I am counting down the days to our little Sydney getaway!!!!! I will get this essay done while we are at N's for Christmas, so I can relax in Sydney. I have a picture of the place we are staying in Double Bay sitting here on my computer to keep me motivated and drool.....

Bring on the kid free days, swims, wine, food, some cricket (perhaps more time in the members bar) and shopping of course ;)

Till next time,

Thank you for the comments Ziz...it's nice to know you're reading :)